His Birth Mother Found More Than 20 Years Later

Painful stories can set the stage for an amazing story. Follow this link to read the story of Saroo Brierley who at 5 years old accidentally traveled by train across India never to be found by his family. He eventually was adopted by an Australian couple.

25 years later, thanks to Google Earth, he managed to retrieve his birth area and… his mother. A movie was made on his life in 2016… «Lion» which was nominated at the American Oscars for 6 Academy Awards. Read the story here


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The Story of Miss Suchi (French)

The Sunflowerknights bring to your attention Geneviève Everell. May her story bring some light and hope into your life.

Geneviève, a young woman, overcomes incredible childhood adversity to become a business success and a great role model. You can hear her here in French and find out more about her here.

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The Origin of KANI Knighthood

I used to have this friend who had tremendous charisma. In these days and age, he would get flooded with ‘likes’ on Facebook for merely mentioning that he just woke up. Many would flock to him as they could feel his spell in the air. It was as though they yearned yet could not utter that simple phrase: ‘I will follow you to death and beyond’.

As a teen, it made me envious and jealous. No matter how hard I tried, I just did not have this kind of charisma.

Hence,  like many, I too was spellbound by his leadership. The temptation to chase him, be on his side and collect the breadcrumbs he spilled was luring. However, I knew deep down he was not going in a wise direction and I cared about wisdom more than I cared about leadership.

I reckon that to this day, one of my most important life challenges is to reconcile the material with the spiritual, ego and humility. At times, I find myself equally admiring the likes of Ghandi on one side and Donald Trump on the other. It is as if I am looking for a middle ground, a way to be wise but wealthy and materially grounded as well.

Which brings me to relate how I discovered, in 1995-1996, what I would call 2 of my biggest life totems: the eagle and the knight. I remember this period as one of great time of creativity, communion with others and heightened spirituality. Let me explain. Back then, I lived in coop housing in the Annex in Toronto. I had a room in a huge mansion on the main floor. To my recollection we were about 12 students, youngsters living there. Two of them I remain in touch with. A spacy philosopher and a crazy Scotsman I never really lost touched with…  As I recall, both were entertaining, fascinating on different levels, inspired and nurtured reflection on my identity. (more…)

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How I found my father at age 27

Hi and welcome everyone! The Sunflowerknights are finally online! I have great hopes for this site!

Let me start by sharing the very first story with you: mine.

* Some of the names in this story were altered or not mentioned to respect the anonymity of the key characters in this story, namely my mother and my father.

I was born in 1969. My mother, a white French-Canadian from Quebec City met a young man from the DR Congo, Africa.

She got pregnant with me at the tender age of 19 years old. The man was in Quebec City attending Laval University in connection with an internship in civil engineering. He left Canada and found out my mother was pregnant with his child shortly after.

Though they corresponded for a short while, it quickly became a reality that my mother would be single with a mixed-raced kid at the end of the 60s. She got married to a white French Canadian man 2 years later and had 2 other boys. She remained married for 5 years until she asked for a divorce an ended up with an estranged ex-husband.

We were then 3 boys raised by a single-mother.

In 2 or 3 occasions, which I cannot recall exactly, between 1988 and 1995, I attempted to connect with my African father. Once by writing to the DR Congo embassy and once in person during a visit to Ottawa in the mid 1990s. None of my attempts led to anything.

During the Winter Semester 1996, in my 3rd year as a student at Ryerson University in Toronto, I attended an oral communication class that would set the stage to a fateful event. We had been asked to make an oral presentation on a subject of choice. I chose ‘The Importance of a father in a child’s life’.

I did some research through which I have learned that ‘a father’ (or a father-figure as fatherly-like authority is a role sometimes played by the mother) is important as it is a window onto the world and the work market for the child to get prepared to enter. Fatherly authority symbolizes conditional love as opposed to motherly care which fosters unconditional love. So as a general statement, fathers prepare children to face a world which will like and recognize them for what they achieve rather than what they are.

My presentation to the class was very emotional and I could hardly keep tears away by the time it was over.


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