Since January 2014, is a blog presented to you as a «kingdom of hope and brotherhood».

There are 3 types of characters in the kingdom: The King, its subjects and visitors.

The ‘King‘ is none other than God or the Higher Power itself however you call him in your own religious denomination, be it Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or else. Everyone, including commentators and subjects of the kingdom must refer to the Higher Power by calling it ‘The King’.

Subjects‘ are those who post stories whereas ‘Travelers’ are those who simply visit the site mainly to read the stories and post comments.

You must be approved to become a subject of the kingdom. You need to relay a striking true story of your own and have it approved by the Kani Knight. Once approved, it will be posted for all to read. You can also post videos .

In order for you short story to be approved it must be deemed truthful and respectful by the Kani Knight or any other approved mediators of the site. Anyone can comment, however, all comments are subject to review and approval. They must be judged positive and respectful by the moderator. It can also be calls for help or prayers. This site is all and only about positivitism and gratitude. We try to stay away from sarcasm and morality.

As subjects and visitors of the kingdom you need a title. Medieval language and form is encouraged and all subjects should have a name inspired by the Medieval Era such as Sir, Sire, John the Wizard from The Florida County, Baron suchandsuch, etc. ;)

The Kani Kani reserves the right to alter the rules as the site evolves.

In order to reach as many people as possible, the site is available in English only. However, it can be translated on the fly with the Google Translator widget available on the site.

Any constructive comment is welcome.

You may submit your stories  by writing or sending you videos to or

You may also contact The Kani Knight using the ‘Contact us’ section.

Benevolently yours,

The Kani Knight